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Nakano Sun Plaza redevelopment site obtains urban planning approval

The Nakano 4-chome Shinkita-guchi Station Front District Type 1 Urban Redevelopment Project, spearheaded by Nomura Real Estate Group, received urban planning approval from Tokyo’s Nakano Ward on November 15th.

Finished rebuild CG courtesy of Nomura Real Estate.

Spanning approximately 23,456 square meters, the redevelopment encompasses the site of the closed Nakano Sun Plaza, shut down in July of 2023, and the premises of the Nakano City Ward Office.

To give an impression of how important Nakano Sun Plaza was to the community, Seattle’s grunge rock gods Nirvana played their final Japan concert here amongst other world-famous bands. 

In the pursuit of carrying forward and evolving the DNA of Nakano Sun Plaza into a new cultural hub, plans include the establishment of a concert hall capable of hosting up to 7,000 attendees. 

Concert hall CG courtesy of Nomura Real Estate.

Additionally, there will also be exhibition halls, offices, residences, commercial spaces, and a hotel within the new structure. 

Sky terrace CG courtesy of Nomura Real Estate.

The proposed redevelopment will reach a towering height of around 262 meters with a floor area of approximately 298,000 square meters.

The redevelopment also aims to introduce a complex childcare support system, including an indoor playground, while enhancing the pedestrian flow around Nakano Station by creating a three-dimensional barrier-free pedestrian network connecting the station and its surrounding areas.

Nakano station finished exterior CG courtesy of Nomura Real Estate.

Approval for execution, rights conversion planning, and building demolition is scheduled for 2024.

Companies involved: Nomura Real Estate (sole operator) Joint Venture Partners: Tokyu Real Estate, Sumitomo Corporation, Hulic, East Japan Railway Company.

Further reading:

Nomura Real Estate press release (Japanese only)

Nakano Redevelopment Release
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