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Japan’s most well-known condominium brands in 2024

Updated: Jul 2

On June 17th, MyVoice Communications released the results of its 21st Survey on Condominium Brands.  

The survey, conducted online from May 1 to 7 of this year, targeted individuals who have purchased or intend to purchase condominiums.  

A total of 9,485 respondents participated. 

Kazuhisa Takai, company president of MyVoice Communications

Kazuhisa Takai, company president at time of writing. Photo courtesy of MyVoice Communications. 

Regarding well-known condominium brands, "Lions Mansion" (Daikyo) was the most recognized, with 52.3% of respondents aware of the brand.  

This was followed by "Proud" (Nomura Real Estate Development) at 37.0% and "Grand Maison" (Sekisui House) at 31.6%. 

When asked about their sources of information when purchasing a condominium, 41.5% of respondents cited "property portal and comparison websites."  

Other significant sources included "condominium sales company websites" (36.0%) and "showrooms and model rooms" (31.7%). 

As for the factors considered important when purchasing a condominium (multiple responses allowed), 66.2% of respondents emphasized the "distance from the nearest station."  

Additionally, "convenience of the living environment (shopping, education, etc.)" was important for 64.6%, and "sunlight and natural lighting" was a priority for 58.7%. 

According to MyVoice’s website, the company began conducting internet surveys in the early days of the industry in 1998 as Itochu Thinktank (now Itochu Techno-Solutions Corporation).  

While focusing mainly on internet surveys, the firm also caters to a wide range of research needs through offline methods like group interviews, venue surveys, and home-use tests. 

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