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Construction begins at Akasaka 2 and 6 Chome redevelopment site

On March 13th, Mitsubishi Estate and TBS Holdings started construction on the Akasaka 2 & 6 Chome District Development Project in Minato ward, Tokyo.

This project was designated as a National Strategic Special Zone in November 2021 and received certification as a private urban regeneration project from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in February of 2024.

Finished CG sample. Building B on the left and Building A on the right.

Directly connected to Akasaka Station on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line, the development covers a land area of approximately 8,762 square meters for Building B. 

This structure will feature a 40-story above-ground and 4-story below-ground building with a total floor area of approximately 167,650 square meters. 

Courtesy of Mitsubishi Estate, translated by Patience Realty

Building A, covering approximately 5,415 square meters of land, an 18 story above ground and 3 stories below ground structure will be constructed, with a floor area of approximately 38,150 square meters.

Courtesy of Mitsubishi Estate.

The project includes the development of station-front spaces and plazas. The plaza will be designed to create a vibrant atmosphere with events and open cafes, enhancing the liveliness of the area around the station. 

Courtesy of Mitsubishi Estate.

Additionally, facilities for airport limousine buses and tourist shuttle buses will be provided, along with information services disseminating transportation information and local events.

An incubation facility of approximately 1,000 square meters will be established in the eastern bloc, comprising offices and shops, to promote interaction between creators, startup companies, and major corporations in the Akasaka area. 

In Building B, a theater hall covering approximately 11,000 square meters and a high-grade hotel meeting international standards will be developed.

The project will also include temporary accommodation facilities capable of housing 650 evacuees who are unable to return home due to natural disaster, food stuff stockpiling warehouses, and outdoor temporary shelter areas for use during emergencies.

The entire project is scheduled for completion by the end of October 2028.

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