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Takanawa Gateway City area development update

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

One tenet of real estate investing in metro areas is that new public transportation infrastructure tends to be a precursor for increased demand and thus, increased prices.

Key Takeaways:
  • Inaugurated Takanawa Gateway Station key to JR's broader internationalization efforts and Linear Shinkansen integration.

  • Ongoing experiments include drone logistics, autonomous mobility, and robot delivery services, offering a glimpse into future technologies in urban development.

  • Since the beginning of Takanawa’s redevelopment in 2020, surrounding land prices have risen steadily.

  • Despite a slowdown during COVID-19, land prices are regaining momentum in 2023.


Takanawa Gateway Station, opened to the public in March of 2020, was the first piece of a much larger redevelopment project in the area.

The overall project, named the Takanawa Gateway City Project is a multi-structure, mixed use with residential area redevelopment that promises a glimpse of what further development has in store in the city.

Courtesy of JR East, translated by Patience Realty.

These structures will house various amenities, including offices, hotels, commercial facilities, convention centers, conference facilities, and childcare support services.

The graph below showcases the trend in publicly disclosed land prices for residential buildings located approximately 270 meters from Sengakuji Station.

Courtesy of Kenbiya, translated by Patience Realty.

The rate of increase from 2019 to 2020 was approximately 6.6 percent, and from 2022 to 2023, it stands at around 3.7 percent. Although the rate of increase slowed during the COVID-19 pandemic, so far 2023 appears to be regaining momentum.

Courtesy of JR East Japan.

The JR Group is actively promoting urban development in the vicinity of Shinagawa Station, which is set to become a stop on the upcoming Linear Shinkansen route, and is gearing towards internationalization.

The Takanawa Gateway City project stands as one of the central endeavors within this initiative.

One distinctive aspect of this development is that it involves a variety of experiments as part of the project.

Among the concepts JR has set forth for Takanawa Gateway City is the idea of it serving as an experimental ground for enhanced life looking towards 100 years into the future.

Watch a short documentary on Takanawa Gateway City.

The Takanawa Gateway City website features numerous press releases related to these experiments.

Some examples include:

  • Long-term operational experiments towards implementing drone logistics services within the complex grounds.

  • Experiments aimed at the coexistence of autonomous transport for passengers and pedestrians.

  • Proof-of-concept experiments for delivery services conducted by robots.

  • Roaming experiments in nearby areas using small electric vehicles.

While the realization of logistics systems involving robots and drones is becoming more plausible thanks to the proliferation of AI and related technologies, they are not yet in the mainstream.

These experiments are not carried out within the construction sites themselves but are under consideration for implementation within each city block once the buildings are completed.

As experiments and evaluations progress, Takanawa Gateway City offers an exciting glimpse into the technologies of the future and how they will merge with everyday life.



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