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Shirokane Takanawa large scale redevelopment permissions announced

On February 9th, Tokyu Fudosan, Taisei Corporation, Mitsui Fudosan Residential, Taisei Yuraku Real Estate, and Japan Post Real Estate announced the approval from the Governor of Tokyo for their participation in the Shirokane Itchome West District Type 1 Urban Redevelopment Project.

Project overview CG courtesy of the City of Tokyo

This redevelopment project, located within a 3 minute walk to Tokyo Metro's Shirokane Takanawa station, will span approximately 1.6 hectares. 

The A and B blocks will be developed to include residential housing, shops, and childcare support facilities.

Courtesy of Tokyu Fudosan

The buildings in Block A consist of a high-rise tower: 1 basement floor and 39 above-ground floors, and a mid-rise tower: 1 basement floor and 14 above-ground floors, totaling 973 units with a total floor area of approximately 97,000 square meters. 

Block B comprises a 4-story building with a total of 18 units and a floor area of approximately 1,900 square meters.

Common space CG courtesy of Tokyu Fudosan 

Additionally, approximately 3,300 square meters of public space will be created. A community exchange space will be established adjacent to the square, serving as a hub for community interaction and activities, aiming to foster new vitality involving the surrounding areas.

Furthermore, the redevelopment will improve the current narrow roads without sidewalks. Infrastructure improvements will be made to ensure effective functionality in the event of disasters. The public space will also feature temporary lodging spaces for stranded individuals during emergencies and disaster relief warehouses, contributing to enhancing the community's disaster preparedness.

Demolition work is scheduled to commence in March of this year, followed by the main construction commencement in June, with completion expected in 2028.

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