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Japan's tallest building Torch Tower concludes groundbreaking ceremony

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Mitsubishi Estate held a groundbreaking ceremony, locally known as a safety blessing ceremony, on September 27th for the Torch Tower in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo.

The safety blessing ceremony is one that in Japan officially commences construction.

The Tokyo Torch district, covering an approximately 3.1-hectare site in the vicinity of Tokyo Station, is where this extensive mixed-use building will be constructed.

Courtesy of Mitsubishi Estate.

The Torch Tower is a 63-story, 4-story underground complex building that, once completed, will stand as Japan's tallest structure at approximately 390 meters above ground.

The first to sixth floors will be dedicated to commercial spaces and public squares, with the third to sixth floors housing a large entertainment hall.

The seventh to fifty-second floors will serve as office space, while the fifty-third to fifty-eighth floors have been confirmed for the debut of the Dorchester Collection, an ultra-luxury hotel making its first foray into Asia.

Finished CG with Tokyo Station perspective, courtesy of Mitsubishi Estate.

The fifty-ninth and sixtieth floors will feature rental apartments, a first for the Daimaru Area. The sixty-first floor and the rooftop will house an outdoor space with an attached observation facility.

Within the entire urban redevelopment project, the same district will house four buildings, including the Jobanbashi Tower (completed in 2021), the substation building (Phase I completed in 2021, Phase II scheduled for completion in 2028), the sewage bureau building (completed in 2022), and the Torch Tower (scheduled for completion in 2028).

Courtesy of Mitsubishi Estate.

Following the groundbreaking ceremony, Mitsubishi Estate's President, Atsushi Nakajima, delivered a speech, saying, "The ongoing Tokyo Torch project is an extensive endeavor, simultaneously renewing infrastructure functions and rebuilding structures. The commencement of Torch Tower marks the final stage of this project, and it is truly a momentous occasion. Working together as one team, including construction companies, designers, and operators, we aspire to complete this project successfully, and create a city that draws people from all over the world."

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