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Japan Optimist Jesper Koll at his absolute best

Updated: Feb 6

Japan stands as a potential economic powerhouse and role model amidst global challenges. 

Its social resilience, political stability, corporate competitiveness, technocratic pragmatism, and private sector innovation hold promise. 

Join Jesper Koll, with the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, explore Japan's opportunities, engage in its up-cycle, and understand the forces shaping sustainable prosperity, while acknowledging demographic factors as a positive force for future leaders and the rising Asian middle class.

If you’ve seen Jesper speak before, this presentation is, at time of this publication, the latest update on the evolution of his thoughts previously.

February 6th, 2024 update:

Jesper spoke with CNBC's Street Sign the on February 4th discussing how the only thing that worries him about the Japanese market is that everyone is bullish.

About Jesper Koll

Jesper Koll, a Japan resident since 1986, is a distinguished economist and investor with a remarkable career. 

Jesper Koll, courtesy of Japan Catalyst.

Recognized for over two decades as a top Japan strategist and economist, he held key positions at J.P. Morgan and Merrill Lynch. 

Currently an Expert Director for Monex Group and the Japan Catalyst Fund, Jesper contributes to advisory committees for the Japanese government and corporations.

Appointed as Global Ambassador for Tokyo’s Financial Center initiative in 2022, he serves on the Board of Governors for the OIST and is a Founder/Director at Asia Society Japan. 

Jesper, a member of Keizai Doyukai, also engages with Japan-based start-ups and is the creator of the acclaimed Japan - Capitalism that works series.

What is the OIST?

The OIST is a government-supported graduate institution with a five-year PhD program in Science and Engineering. 

Its mission includes global contributions to science and technology, attracting researchers worldwide, and fostering high-quality research. 

As a Special Private School Corporation, OIST relies mainly on government funding, allowing faculty to explore long-term, high-risk research. 

This unrestricted funding also covers student tuition and living expenses, encouraging focus on degree completion and meaningful contributions to university research.


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