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Beta disaster digital information hub released by Mitsubishi Estate and Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward

On February 7th, Mitsubishi Estate, in cooperation with Chiyoda ward, initiated the social implementation of Disaster Dashboard Beta+.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mitsubishi Estate, with Chiyoda Ward, initiated Disaster Dashboard Beta+ on February 7th.

  • System acts as a disaster information hub in Tokyo's Marunouchi area.

  • Features include Digital Signage Edition and Digital Map Edition with QR codes.

  • Digital Map QR codes will be at Yurakucho and Tokyo Metro stations.

  • The system can be replicated in other areas depending on results of the beta phase.


This system serves as a hub for sharing real time information during disasters in Tokyo's Marunouchi area (Otemachi, Marunouchi, Yurakucho), collecting and disseminating data for evacuees and those unable to return home. 

Operating on virtual cloud servers with the Disaster Dashboard Beta+ software, developed by the company, Mitsubishi Estate will manage the system while Chiyoda Ward oversees its operation.

Features include the Digital Signage Edition, broadcasting TV and X (formerly Twitter) posts from local authorities and transportation agencies to around 100 digital displays placed around the Marunouchi area. 

Image of the Disaster Dashboard digital signage version. Mainly displays disaster-related news, with official X posts below and a map showing locations and congestion status of facilities accommodating those unable to return home on the right.  Courtesy of Mitsubishi Estate.

The Digital Map Edition provides smartphone or browser users with Chiyoda Ward notices, accommodations for those unable to return home, and hospital information upon scanning QR codes at railway stations. 

The Web Edition offers TV broadcasts, regional data, and disaster agency URLs for PCs. 

Additionally, the Facility Occupancy Information Management enables real-time updates on facilities' statuses.

QR codes for the Digital Map Edition will be permanently displayed at JR Yurakucho Station and Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line Tokyo Station starting on February 7th, ensuring operational readiness during disasters.

At a media briefing, Chiyoda Ward Mayor Takaki Higuchi emphasized the importance of addressing challenges faced by many during disasters. 

Mayor Takaki Higuchi courtesy of Chiyoda Ward.

The ward mayor expressed the aim to eliminate information gaps post-disaster and collaborate with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government for a comprehensive disaster prevention system, positioning the Disaster Dashboard as a leading model in central Tokyo.

Mitsubishi Estate also plans to implement features for prompt transportation of injured individuals to medical institutions within the Marunouchi area, addressing social issues in disaster medicine. 

According to Kotaro Sawabe, head of the Urban Planning Planning Department, the system is operational as of February 8th, and support may be extended to other regions upon request.

According to Mitsubishi Estate’s press release, Disaster Dashboard Beta+ integrates essential functionalities for implementation, such as the digital map feature, alongside plans for future expansions like app integration and live video feeds, as part of ongoing discussions with Chiyoda Ward for this fiscal year. 

Mitsubishi Estate has also secured agreements with Chiyoda Ward for 17 buildings in Marunouchi, covering facilities for those unable to return home and medical cooperation. 

Collaboration between the public and private sectors will be intensified to realize effective disaster response initiatives. 

This version contributes to establishing advanced disaster prevention bases and serves as a component of Tokyo's smart city initiatives, with ongoing discussions on implementation alongside Chiyoda Ward. 

Mitsubishi Estate, commemorating the centennial of the Great Kanto Earthquake, conducts annual disaster drills, focusing on urban safety through Business Continuity Districts, which ensure both physical infrastructure and soft measures like disaster information dissemination and injured person response, through public-private collaboration.


R.E. Port News (Japanese only) 

Mitsubishi Estate press release (Japanese only)

Mitsubishi Estate Disaster Digital Beta Press Release
Download PDF • 1.08MB


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