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Toyota to open a new Tokyo HQ in 2030 near Shinagawa station

Keikyu Corporation announced on March 22nd that it has decided to commercialize the Shinagawa Station West Exit New Construction Project Zone A in the Takanawa 3-chome area of Tokyo’s Minato ward.  


This section of the larger overall project will now be a joint operation with Toyota Motor Corporation. 


Finished CG of future Toyota Shinagawa Headquarters

Finished CG exterior courtesy of Keikyu Corporation 


Under the plan, a 29-story structure with 4 floors below ground will be built on land area totaling approximately 23,600 square meters.  


Toyota Shinagawa future headquarter construction site as of February 9th, 2024

Photo taken February 9th, 2024 courtesy of Keikyu Corporation 


The structure will consist of Toyota's new Tokyo headquarters, offices, commercial stores, a hotel, and MICE facilities.  


The total floor area will be approximately 313,100 square meters. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2025 with completion slated for 2029 with Toyota looking to begin their use of the building from 2030. 


Shinagawa station west side redevelopment map

The area shaded green is Zone A within the overall redevelopment map. To the right is Shinagawa station. 


Zone A was where the SHINAGAWA GOOS complex was situated, which closed at the end of March of 2021.   



R.E. Port News (Japanese only) 

Toyota News Release (Japanese only) 


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