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Toranomon Hills development finishes with the opening of final tower

Mori Building unveiled to the press on October 2nd the Toranomon Hills Station Tower, set to open its doors on October 6th in Minato Ward, Tokyo.

With the completion of this facility, the entire Toranomon Hills redevelopment project, which has been in progress since 2014, reaches its culmination.

Key Takeaways:
  • Toranomon Hills is a comprehensive redevelopment project spanning 7.5 hectares, initiated in 2014.

  • The new Station Tower integrates commercial spaces, a hotel, offices, and an information hub.

  • With the latest completion, Toranomon Hills now boasts a total area of 792,000 sqm, including offices, residences, a hotel, and retail spaces.


Beginning with the completion of the Toranomon Hills Mori Tower in 2014, followed by the Toranomon Hills Business Tower in 2020 and the Toranomon Hills Residential Tower in 2022, the development has achieved significant milestones.

Furthermore, infrastructure enhancements, such as the opening of the Loop Line No. 2 utilizing the elevated roadway system and the establishment of the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line's Toranomon Hills station increase accessibility to the area.

The Toranomon Hills Station Tower, marking the final development phase in the area, is directly connected to Toranomon Hills station.

Spanning approximately 13,940 square meters in land area and boasting a total floor area of about 253,540 square meters across 49 above-ground floors and 4 below-ground levels, the new tower comprises commercial spaces, a hotel, offices, and an information dissemination hub.

In the lower levels from basement 2 to ground 7, approximately 70 shops with a total floor area of around 11,200 square meters have been created.

The T-MARKET directly connected to the station's front plaza Station Atrium in basement 2 offers a spacious area of about 3,000 square meters housing 27 establishments, including cafes, dining venues, a brewery, and a bar lounge.

Courtesy of Mori Building.

A common seating area in the center of the space promotes a seamless dining experience spanning multiple establishments.

On the 1st floor and floors 11 to 14, Hotel Toranomon Hills, the Tokyo debut of Hyatt's independent collection brand, the Unbound Collection, is set to open with 205 rooms.

Courtesy of Hotel Toranomon Hills.

Designed to accommodate global travelers, the facility includes features such as shower booths and relaxation rooms for guests arriving early in the morning.

The hotel opening is scheduled for December 6, 2023.

The office spaces on floors 9, 10, and 15 to 44 boast a total rental area of approximately 107,000 square meters, with each standard floor covering approximately 3,400 square meters.

Eight interconnected double-height spaces with staircases linking upper and lower levels have been established within the dedicated areas. These spaces are versatile, serving as reception areas, cafeterias, and refreshment rooms, fostering collaboration among workers.

Courtesy of Mori Building.

At the topmost levels (floors 45 to 49, with some on the 8th floor), the TOKYO NODE information dissemination hub, which serves as the core of Toranomon Hills, has been established.

It includes a lab equipped with a volumetric video studio capable of recording, editing, and broadcasting 3D imagery, three gallery spaces for exhibitions and events, a large-scale hall with approximately 460 square meters and 338 seats, an infinity pool, and two rooftop garden restaurants.

These features will facilitate diverse collaborations across various domains and genres, including business, art, entertainment, technology, and fashion.

With the completion of this facility, the entire Toranomon Hills project will encompass a total floor area of 792,000 square meters, including 305,000 square meters of office space, employing approximately 30,000 people, featuring 730 residential units, 370 hotel rooms, and 170 retail stores.



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