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Sumitomo unveils Nakano station office and residential leasing buildings

Sumitomo Realty & Development unveiled the Sumitomo Realty Nakano Station Front Building and the Nakano Station Residence to journalists on April 24th.  


These developments, consisting of a residential tower and an office tower, are part of the approximately 2.4-hectare area developed under the Nakano 2nd District Type 1 Urban Redevelopment Project in Nakano Ward, Tokyo. 

Nakano Front Station Building and Nakano Station Residence in relation to Nakano Station.

Exterior finished CG image courtesy of Sumitomo, edited by Patience Realty. 


The project, the first completed among 11 redevelopment projects in the Nakano Station vicinity, reached completion on February 29th. 


The Sumitomo Realty Nakano Station Front Building is conveniently located just a minute's walk from JR Chuo Line, Sobu Line, and Tokyo Metro Tozai Line Nakano Station, while the Nakano Station Residence is a two-minute walk away.  


Both buildings are connected to the station via a pedestrian deck. The Nakano Station Front Building occupies a site area of 5,676.67 square meters and stands 20 stories tall with two basement levels, boasting a total floor area of 49,799.23 square meters.  


The Nakano Station Residence, covering a site area of 4,404.85 square meters, features 37 above-ground floors and two basement levels, with a total floor area of 49,991.87 square meters. 


The Nakano Station Front Building comprises two basement floors for mechanical rooms, one basement floor for parking, five floors for retail space, and 15 floors for office space.  


The office spaces, totaling 26,391.30 square meters in leasable area, offer column-free spaces with a ceiling height of 3.00 meters.  


Nakano Station Front Building Office Interior.

Actual office interior courtesy of R.E. Port News. 


Due to its excellent transportation access to major stations in the city center and high expectations for the redevelopment of the Nakano area, the building was fully occupied before completion, attracting companies from diverse industries such as entertainment, pharmaceuticals, and finance. 


As a disaster prevention measure, the building adopts an intermediate seismic isolation structure and is equipped to handle power outages using multiple power supply lines.  


In case of power transmission interruptions from substations, it can operate generators using city gas, providing electricity to common areas for a minimum of 10 days. Additionally, it has a reserve of heavy oil for 72 hours of power generation. 

The Nakano Station Residence stands out for offering larger private areas compared to condominiums, with layouts ranging from studio to 4-bedroom configurations with sizes ranging from 26.67 to 211.15 square meters respectively. 

Nakano Station Residence larger living room on high floor CG image.

Larger unit living room CG image courtesy of Sumitomo.  

Rents range from approximately ¥160,000 for a studio unit (approximately 27 square meters) to ¥2.1 million for a 4 bedroom (approximately 210 square meters).  

Occupancy commenced March 15th. 


Shared facilities include a 24-hour fitness room, a coach entrance, and front desk services. The front desk offers services such as taxi reservations, dry cleaning handling, and storage of refrigerated and frozen items for delivery.  

For units on the 21st floor and above, delivery boxes are installed on each floor. 

Studio and 1-bedroom units are reported to be attracting interest not only from nearby residents but also from singles working in Shinjuku and Otemachi, as well as small families and affluent individuals from rural areas.  

2-to-4-bedroom units are favored by corporate executives, lawyers, doctors, and other affluent individuals, with many opting for corporate contracts for company housing.  

At present, approximately 30% of the residential units have received applications or are already under contract. 


R.E. Port News (Japanese only) 



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