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SINCÉ Code the latest in ZEH and LCCM compliant single family homes

Toyota Home Corporation announced on September 21st the launching of their new single-family home product, "SINCÉ Code," with sales to commence on November 15th, 2023.

Key Takeaways:
  • The design focuses on sustainability, emphasizing horizontal lines, deep eaves, and high wall balconies while enhancing insulation and energy efficiency.

  • The home features an emergency power supply system, integrated solar power generation, and advanced air conditioning, meeting ZEH & LCCM standards.

  • Build prices start at JPY 1 million per 1 tsubo, which is approximately 3.3 square meters.


This latest addition to Toyota Home’s flagship SINCÉ series is designed with the primary target audience being families in their forties and fifties.

The design emphasizes horizontal lines, features deep eaves, and incorporates high wall balconies, all while embodying sustainable design principles.

SINCÉ Code exterior CG courtesy of Toyota Home Corporation.

It boasts functions such as sun control and spatial expansion to enhance its insulation performance. Furthermore, it meets the standard for insulation grade 6 by increasing the thickness of insulation materials on exterior walls and reinforcing foundation insulation.

The architectural form, roof shape, exterior materials, and more are codified to ensure the reproducibility of the exterior design not only for model houses but also for actual residences.

Video is CG, not actual build.

The home includes an emergency power supply system, "Car-Powered Charging," which is expanded to work in coordination with vehicles. It also features integrated solar power generation with roof tiles and an original whole-house air conditioning system, "Smart Airs Plus," making it standard ZEH (Zero Energy House) compliant.

Electric car powering a section of the home courtesy of Toyota Home Corporation.

In addition, it can accommodate LCCM (Life Cycle Carbon Minus) housing with north-side glare-resistant solar power generation.

LCCM housing is housing that achieves negative CO2 emissions across the entire life cycle of homes by reducing CO2 emissions before and during construction, occupancy, and demolition as well as generating renewable energy such as through solar power generation.

The reference price for SINCÉ Code homes starts at 1 million yen per 1 tsubo (approximately 3.3 square meters), including taxes. This is only the build price and suitable land needs to be sourced and purchased separately.

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