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Resia Shimokitazawa the latest Odakyu multifamily acquisition

Odakyu Real Estate announced on September 12th that it has named a recently acquired multi-family commercial building Resia Shimokitazawa in Tokyo’s Setagaya ward.

The building was purchased by Odakyu in July of 2023. It was constructed in 2021.

According to Odakyu, Resia Shimokitazawa is the latest addition in line with their mandate “to achieve an asset portfolio size of 100 billion yen in the rental business" by fiscal year 2029.

Located near Shimokitazawa station, the eight-story, 35 unit, reinforced concrete building consists of studios (1K & 1R) and one bedroom (1LDK) units.

Resia Shimokitazawa exterior courtesy of Odakyu Real Estate

The property is situated close to the Shimokita Senrogai, which was developed along the approximately 1.7-kilometer above ground railway line left vacant after the redevelopment of underground tracks between Setagaya Daita station and Higashi-Kitazawa Station.

Area map graphic courtesy of Shimokita-Senrogai

Odakyu Real Estate stated in their press release that “In the future, we will continue to focus on investments in high-quality rental properties, primarily along the Odakyu Line and in central Tokyo areas.


R.E.Port Article (September, 2023; Japanese only)

Odakyu Real Estate September 12th press release (Japanese only)

Resia Shimokitazawa Purchase and Name Set JA
Download PDF • 424KB


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