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Protecting Mount Fuji view means tearing down brand new Kunitachi condo

A 10-story brand new condominium in western Tokyo will be demolished due to complaints about obstructing Mount Fuji views.

50-second Japanese language news report showing helicopter views of building and surrounding area.  The building in question is the thinner, white one. 


Situated in the Naka address of Kunitachi City, the Grand Maison Kunitachi Fujimi-dori building with 18 units was marketed as the area's first condominium in a decade by developer Sekisui House. 


Despite the building being almost ready to move in, city officials were informed by the company on June 4th of the project's discontinuation due to inadequate consideration of its neighborhood impact.  


Residents raised concerns early on about view obstruction and sunlight deprivation. A council in June of 2021 concluded the building would obscure Mount Fuji views along Fujimi-dori street. 


In response, the building's height was offered to be reduced from 11 to 10 stories. 


An urban council commissioned to represent residents appreciated the compromise but then suggested a four-story structure would be better for neighborhood continuity.  


Seksui House rejected the counter proposal citing no way to make a profit on a building that small. 


After two unsuccessful meetings, discussions ceased. Initially opposed residents resigned themselves to construction, only to hear last week that the building is to now be torn down, sparking fresh frustration and concern over demolition noise.  


Residents are seeking clarity from the developer and city, who gave Sekisui House the permissions needed in the first place to begin construction, regarding this outcome. 



Asahi News (Japanese only; prior to paywall has a left-right slider function to compare the before and after Mount Fuji view from the street) 


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