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Japan’s first ever ZEH-M certified condo to be built in Tokyo’s Setagaya ward

Earlier in June, Daikyo Incorporated and Anabuki Construction Incorporated announced the launch of the official website for their under-construction condominium, The Lions Setagaya Hachimanyama in Tokyo’s Setagaya Ward with a total of 52 units.  

This project meets both the Zero Energy Home – Mansion standards (mansion being Japanese for condos; abbreviated as ZEH-M), which reduce primary energy consumption by over 100% for the entire building, and ZEH standards, which achieve the same reduction for individual units within the building.  

This marks the first time in Japan that a condominium project has obtained BELS certification for both ZEH-M and ZEH for all units. 

Finished exterior CG courtesy of the developers. 

The rooftop of the building will be equipped with solar power generation facilities for both common and individual use.  

Each unit will have storage batteries and a home fuel cell cogeneration system, while the common areas will feature large storage batteries and a well.  

This disaster prevention system, known as SONA-L SYSTEM, ensures that residents can maintain essential utilities—electricity, gas, and water—for over a week in the event of an emergency. 

Finished exterior CG courtesy of the developers. 

Located a 3-minute walk from Hachimanyama Station on the Keio Line, the condominium is situated in a quiet residential area surrounded by detached houses in a lush green neighborhood designated for low-rise residential buildings.  

The three-story building is constructed with reinforced concrete, featuring units ranging from 43.00 to 84.31 square meters and layouts from 1LDK + DEN to 3LDK configurations. 

The project has been selected for the Sustainable Buildings Leading Projects (Low Carbon Model) for FY 2023 due to its adoption of an energy creation and storage system, as well as a greening plan that considers coexistence with the local community and biodiversity. 


The condominium gallery for this project will open in September this year, with construction completion and move-in scheduled for June of 2025. 


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