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Japan nationwide average condo yields drop for second straight month

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

On November 1st, Kenbiya Corporation unveiled their October 2023 report on nationwide average residential investment property market trends for Japan.

Kenbiya is a Japanese property portal focusing solely on residential investment property as opposed to other portals that advertise owner-occupied properties.

As such, the source data stems from advertised listings registered on Kenbiya’s website.

The report focuses on nationwide average price and gross yield data providing historical trends across three types of investment properties; strata title condos, wood frame multi-family whole building and reinforced concrete multi-family whole building.

The percentage changes are referring to change from the previous month’s report, or Month-on-Month change.

Courtesy of Kenbiya translated by Patience Realty.

The average price for strata title condos saw a 5.23% increase from the previous period, reaching ¥18.3 million, but the gross yield dropped for the second consecutive month, declining by 0.25 points to 6.75%.

Courtesy of Kenbiya translated by Patience Realty.

For wood frame multi-family buildings, property prices continued their two-month downward trend, falling by 2.32% to ¥77.96 million. However, the gross yield saw a slight increase of 0.03 points, reaching 8.08% for the second consecutive month, now in the 8% range.

Courtesy of Kenbiya translated by Patience Realty.

Reinforced concrete multi-family buildings witnessed another decline in property prices, reaching ¥173.15 million after a 0.08% decrease. On the positive side, the gross yield increased by 0.10 points, reaching 7.76%.

The next report is scheduled for release the first week of December.

Further Reading:

Kenbiya nationwide residential investment property price and trend report October 2023

Download PDF • 843KB



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