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Future proof living with Polus Group's EV charging facilities in new condos

On January 23rd, Chuo Jyutaku, a subsidiary of the Polus Group, announced that in residential buildings completed in March of 2024 onwards, over 30% of parking spaces will have electric vehicle (EV) charging capabilities installed with conduits added to allow easy installation of more stations should residents request.

The firm’s announcement is to comply with upcoming regulations that require builders to create parking spaces where at least 20% of spaces have charging stations installed.  

As efforts to promote the installation of EV charging facilities intensify towards achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, even in Tokyo, regulations will require the installation of charging facilities for over 20% of parking spaces in new condominiums from 2025. 

In anticipation of this, Chuo Jyutaku plans to proactively install EV charging facilities and, to enable charging in all parking spaces in the future, will pre-install electrical conduits to allow all spaces to be fitted with EV charging capabilities. 

This approach ensures that if residents request the installation of charging facilities above the 30% threshold, the conduits will be available, lessening the burden of installation.

EV charging facilities have already been implemented in Lupia Court Omiya The Residence, a development with 51 units in Omiya Ward, Saitama City, set to open in March of 2024 and on sale since May of 2023. 

Acting as a barometer for home builders of all stripes, Chuo Jyutaku will continue to assess the installation rate based on the proliferation of EVs in the future.


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