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Blue Front Shibaura to house Fairmont Tokyo

On May 30th, Nomura Real Estate and East Japan Railway Company (JR East) announced the official name for their collaborative large-scale development project in Tokyo's Minato Ward: Blue Front Shibaura

Blue Front Shibaura Exterior CG Image

Exterior CG image courtesy of the developers 


This ambitious project, part of the National Strategic Special Zone plan, spans approximately 47,000 square meters, combining the former Hamamatsucho Building site and JR East's Tokaido Freight Line land.  

Blue Front Shibaura Promenade CG Image

Promenade CG image courtesy of the developers 


The development will feature two high-rise towers: the South Building, a 43-story structure with three basement levels for offices, commercial spaces, a hotel, and parking, set for completion in February 2025, and the North Building, a 45-story structure with three basement levels for offices, commercial spaces, residential units, and parking, scheduled for completion in 2030.  

Blue Front Shibaura Outline Diagram

Outline courtesy of the developers edited by Patience Realty 


Designed by world-renowned architect Fumihiko Maki, these buildings will rise about 230 meters high and cover a total floor area of approximately 550,000 square meters, poised to become a new landmark in Tokyo's bay area and a hub for international business and tourism. 

Blue Front Shibaura Wood Patio Dining With River Perspective

Wood patio dining with river perspective courtesy of the developers 


At a press conference in Tokyo, Nomura Real Estate shared updates on the project and detailed the facilities in the South Building. The first three floors will house approximately 40 commercial establishments, primarily restaurants. The fourth floor will feature a banquet hall exceeding 1,000 square meters. 


The 7th to 33rd floors will serve as office spaces, with a Sky Lounge on the 28th floor, offering around 4,950 square meters exclusively for tenant companies.  


This lounge will include areas for brainstorming, individual work, exhibitions, workshops, fitness activities, and relaxation, with panoramic views of Tokyo Bay and amenities like a café and bar. 


The 35th to 42nd floors will host Japan's first Fairmont Hotel, opening as Fairmont Tokyo with 219 rooms.  

Blue Front Shibaura Site Map

Site location map courtesy of the developers, edited by Patience Realty 


A post-opening plan includes a cruise service, connecting Shibaura with Asakusa, Toyosu, Otemachi, Nihonbashi, and Haneda, provided by a cruise ship built by Nomura Real Estate. 

Ground floor common use space CG image courtesy of the developers 


Regarding the South Building's office space, approximately 70% of the leasing has been secured, including the relocation of Nomura Real Estate Group's headquarters, thanks to its strategic location and exceptional facilities, according to President Daisaku Matsuo. 



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