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Bank of Japan holds on rate hikes in first monetary policy meet of 2024

This week the Bank of Japan (BOJ) hinted at their conviction that hitting 2 percent sustained inflation targets are in sight but failed to raise interest rates at its first monetary policy meeting of 2024 on Tuesday.


Reasons given were wage growth concerns from labor unions as well as the unclear economic impacts of the January 1st earthquake in the Ishikawa region.

Below are three takes in reaction to the BOJ announcements, all supplied by CNBC. 


Kei Okamura, senior vice president and portfolio manager at Neuberger Berman said it’ll “be a pivotal moment for the Japanese economy to finally exit the last decades of deflation once and for all.”


Steven Oh of PineBridge Investments says that "narrow window really points toward ... an April time frame."


Bank of Japan can afford to wait on any decision to exit its negative rates policy partly because inflation is "decelerating a little bit," says Masazumi Wakatabe, former Bank of Japan deputy governor.


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