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Why Tokyo’s land zoning regulations ensures affordable housing

Two Youtuber’s explain why Tokyo looks the way it does and also why Japan’s national land zoning classifications, set way back in 1968, have contributed to what some call relatively affordable housing when compared to cities in North America.

Why Japan Looks the Way it Does: Zoning

Looking to build your own home?  Then learning about how Japan classifies different land zones and how the Building-Coverage-Ratio (BCR) and Floor-Area-Ratio (FAR) fit into these zones is essential knowledge for finding the right sized land needed to build the needed home for your lifestyle.

The above video courtesy of Life Where I’m From provides a concise summary of said zoning laws for the would-be homeowner.

Why Tokyo has Tons of Affordable Housing but America Doesn't

A similar take on the first video, Youtuber Critical Dispatch discusses why American Euclidean Zoning, otherwise known as Exclusionary Zoning, practices have contributed to current housing shortages and affordability issues across many American cities and why Tokyo does not have the same problem.

Both videos give the aspiring home builder a concise primer on Japan’s land zoning laws and are encouraged viewing for anyone looking to build their own home in Japan.

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