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Sumitomo Ringyo expands investment wooden condominium sales

Sumitomo Ringyo unveiled its newest rental wooden-condominium product, Forest Maison GRANDE, on November 2nd.

Forest Maison GRANDE CG courtesy of Sumitomo Ringyo.

As part of the Sumitomo Group's business wood-centered strategy, the company has been expanding operations.

Since December of 2021, the group has been able to register wooden and lightweight steel-framed structures that meet certain durability and seismic resistance criteria as "condominiums" on major real estate portal websites.

The Forest Maison GRANDE stands out for its high environmental performance, as it complies with the ZEH-M Oriented standard in its basic specifications.

The build utilizes renewable energy through solar panels and promotes zero-energy living for each unit. Compared to reinforced concrete and steel-framed structures, it has lower CO2 emissions during material manufacturing and construction, and it also offers carbon sequestration benefits from the wood used.

According to guidelines set by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, the carbon sequestration of the model plan with three floors and a total floor area of 197.27 tsubo (652.13 sqm) is approximately 110 tons, equivalent to the CO2 absorbed by approximately 1.7 hectares of cedar forest over 50 years.

The design of the building emphasizes a simple and sturdy appearance with a horizontal emphasis. It includes features such as high soundproofing for floors and partition walls, an automatic locking system, and equipped delivery boxes, enhancing the overall building performance.

Sample photo of the Big Frame Construction Method illustrating thicker support beams, courtesy of Sumitomo Ringyo

Sumitomo Ringyo’s proprietary Big Frame Construction Method (actual name) provides fire resistance of over 60 minutes for buildings with three floors or more.

The selling price has not been disclosed, but the firm aims to construct approximately 30 buildings in the Greater Tokyo area annually.

Land sold separately. If you are interested in developing these wood-frame rental buildings contact Patience Realty today to get started.

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