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Large leasehold condo building in Tokyo’s Bunkyo Ward gets 8,000 buyer inquiries since February

Nippon Steel Kowa Real Estate (NSKRE) unveiled the model room for its Livio City Bunkyo Koishikawa condominium development in Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo, on July 5.  

This large-scale project, developed in collaboration with Tokyo Tatemono, Chuo Nippon Land Development and Sumitomo Corporation, features 522 units.  

Its unique selling points include the rarity of a project exceeding 500 units in Bunkyo Ward, an attractive environment, and lower initial costs due to the leasehold structure.  

The project has already attracted over 8,000 preliminary entries, primarily from families in their 30s. 

Livio City Bunkyo Koishikawa finished exterior CG

Finished exterior CG with Livio in center, courtesy of the developers.

Located a 12-minute walk from Korakuen Station on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line, the property spans approximately 1.2 hectares.  

The 10-story building is constructed with reinforced concrete and partial steel framing. The site, formerly the headquarters and factory of Kyodo Printing, has been repurposed with Kyodo Printing relocating its headquarters to an adjacent area.  

NSKRE proposed the construction of a leasehold condominium, marking its 15th such project. The lease term is around 70 years, with completion scheduled for November 2026. The project construction is contracted to Haseko Corporation. 

Livio City Bunkyo Koishikawa fitness gym finished CG image.

Fitness room CG, courtesy of the developers.

The development emphasizes environmental sustainability, fitting for the education-centric and nature-rich Bunkyo Ward, home to Koishikawa Botanical Garden. The project has achieved four certifications: ZEH-M Oriented, Low-Carbon Housing, ABINC, and SEGES.  

Green roofing, solar power generation, and the use of renewable energy are integral to the design, along with extensive landscaping. Plants used in the model room will be reused in the finished building. 

Leveraging the scale of over 500 units, the project offers shared facilities such as a multi-lounge, library, guest room, work booths, and rooftop terrace. Shuttle buses will connect the development with Korakuen and Kasuga Stations. A supermarket will occupy the first floor. 

Livio City Bunkyo Koishikawa multi-lounge finished CG image.

Multi-lounge finished CG, courtesy of the developers.

The units range from 1LDK to 4LDK, with floor areas of approximately 35 to 95 square meters. The breakdown is 5% for 1LDK, 25% for 2LDK, 65% for 3LDK, and 5% for 4LDK, catering mainly to families.  

Features include double flooring and ceilings, a ceiling height of 2,440 mm, dishwashers, garbage disposals, fiorestone countertops in kitchens and bathrooms, cupboards, tiled hallways, floor heating, and study areas. 

Livio City Bunkyo Koishikawa rooftop terrace CG image

Common use rooftop terrace CG image, courtesy of the developers.

Preliminary inquiries for the property have been accepted since February, with over 8,000 received to date. The primary demographic is families and dual-income no kids (DINKS) couples in their 30s, including company employees and doctors.  

Over 20% of inquirers reside in Bunkyo Ward, with interest also coming from across the 23 wards of Tokyo.  

Larger units have also attracted significant interest from seniors.  

Pre-showings of the model room begin on July 6, with over 800 reservations already made.  

The first sales phase is set to start in early October, with 3LDK units (71 square meters) priced at around ¥110 million (4th floor). Model units, including 2LDK units (85 square meters), are priced from around ¥170 million. 


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