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Kita Kyushu city yields take top spot for strata title condos for first time

Kenbiya, a Japanese property portal focusing exclusively on advertising residential investment property, released the results of their bi-annual nationwide gross yield ranking report.

The data was compiled on newly listed properties on their website from July to December of 2023.

Key Takeaways:
  • Kita Kyushu City ranks first in strata title condo category for first time ever..

  • Sapporo was the only city to see yield increase across all property categories

  • Saitama City had the largest shift in strata title condo rankings, dropping from 13th to 17th place.


Kenbiya measured the yields of residential income properties in all categories, including strata-title condominiums, wood frame whole buildings, and reinforced concrete whole buildings.

Only properties located in ordinance-designated cities were included in the survey. These cities are those with populations over 500,000 amongst other legal designations.

Tokyo’s 23 wards are exempt from this legal definition.

The following are the results of Kenbiya’s findings:

Data courtesy of Kenbiya.

The next report will be released in July of 2024.

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