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Japan nationwide housing starts rise for first time in 11 months

On May 31st, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism (MLIT) released updated housing start statistics for April 2024. 


The number of new housing starts in April was 76,583 units, a 13.9% increase compared to the same month last year, marking the first year-on-year (YoY) rise in 11 months.  

The total floor area of new residential starts was 5.766 million square meters, a 9.1% increase and the first YoY rise in 15 months.  

By property type, custom-built single-family homes (SFH) decreased by 3.9% YoY to 17,878 units, continuing a 29-month decline.  

Rental housing increased by 20.6% YoY to 34,598 units, rebounding from the previous month’s decrease.  

Strata title SFH and condo starts increased by 16.5% YoY to 22,955 units, the first rise in four months.  

Within this category, strata title condo starts increased by 69.0% to 12,226 units, marking a four-month high, while strata title SFH starts decreased by 14.4% to 10,579 units, extending an 18-month decline. 

In the three major metropolitan areas, the Greater Tokyo Area saw a total of 26,747 units, a 11.7% YoY increase.  

The Greater Nagoya (Chubu) region had a total of 8,393 units, an 11.1% YoY increase.  

The Greater Osaka (Kinki) region recorded a total of 13,656 units, a 31.8% YoY increase. 


R.E. Port News (Japanese only) 


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