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Japan designed toilet space wins renovation grand prix award

On December 15th, The Renovation Council announced the winners of the Renovation of the Year 2023.

In its 11th year, the Grand Prix aims to determine the renovation projects that represent the year from over 800 construction examples by member companies of the council. 

The Grand Prix is divided into four categories based on construction costs: 

  • Under 8 million yen category 

  • Under 15 million yen category

  • Over 15 million yen category 

  • Open Class category

This year, there were 88 companies and 267 entries. 67 projects were selected in the first round by general users utilizing social media. 

The final selection was made by an editorial committee comprising eight editors primarily from housing-related media, resulting in the overall Grand Prix, four Best Category Awards, and 13 Special Awards.

The Grand Prix was awarded to bELI Corporation for their Premium T, a specially designed luxury toilet space where everyone can comfortably spend time. 

Premium T, The Grand Prix 2023 winner Courtesy of The Renovation Council

Inspired by a friend battling Crohn's disease, the renovation was conceived to raise awareness about the struggles faced by individuals with various digestive system ailments, garnering praise for its departure from conventional norms in home design.

Frog House Corporation’s Under 8 million yen 2023 winner courtesy of The Renovation Council

In the Best Category Awards, the Under 8 million yen category, Frog House Corporation renovated aged public housing units for younger families, highlighting the possible future direction of public housing renos. 

The Future of Outlines, the Under 15 million yen 2023 winner courtesy of The Renovation Council

In the Under 15 million yen category, grooveagent Corporation created The Future of Outlines, catering to future layout changes. 

Returning Home, the Over 15 million yen 2023 winner courtesy of The Renovation Council

In the Over 15 million yen category, Morita Soge Corporation revived a 125-year-old traditional house in a heavy snow region under the theme of Earth and Wood with their project Returning Home. 

the RECORDS, the Open Class 2023 winner courtesy of The Renovation Council

For the Open Class category, Takusho Development Corporation transformed an old business hotel into a multifunctional commercial facility, aiming to revitalize the area impression as the RECORDS.


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