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Haseko starts hydrogen fuel cell test case for renovated multi-family condominium

Haseko Corporation and Panasonic Construction Engineering announced on October 23rd that they have initiated a demonstration installation of hydrogen fuel cell systems in Sustain Branche Moto-Kasai, a renovated multi-family rental building in Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture.

Courtesy of Panasonic.

This project aims to generate electricity for residential use through hydrogen fuel cells. The experiment began in October.

The property is located a 6-minute walk from the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line's Myoden station. The site covers approximately 1,651 square meters, with a total floor area of around 3,071 square meters. The building, standing at five stories, is constructed with reinforced concrete.

This is a pioneering project in Japan as it involves the comprehensive renovation of an existing social housing complex originally completed in 1990, with the goal of achieving virtually zero CO2 emissions during the building's operation.

The renovation work was completed in September 2023.

H2 KIBOU hydrogen fuel system courtesy of Panasonic.

Panasonic Construction Engineering has installed the hydrogen fuel cell system called H2 KIBOU. This system is capable of stable electricity generation at 5 kW and is unaffected by weather conditions.

Furthermore, it can be linked with other fuel cell units, allowing for a maximum output of up to 50 kW when 10 units are connected.

The generated electricity is supplied to the residential units, and the system has a fast startup time of approximately 1 minute, making it suitable for peak load management.

In the future, the knowledge gained from this project will be utilized to expand the application of hydrogen energy in residential buildings.

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