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Flat 35 interest rate reduction for child rearing households to start on February 13th

On November 30th, the Japan Housing Finance Agency announced that it will begin accepting loan applications for Flat 35 Child-Rearing Plus, which reduces interest rates based on the applicant's number of children, on February 13 of 2024.

Flat 35 Child-Rearing Plus is a housing loan that reduces interest rates based on the number of children for households with kids under the age of 18 or young couples under the age of 40. 

The interest rate reduction range has expanded from the previous maximum of minus 0.5% per annum to a maximum of minus 1% per annum.

It is possible to combine this loan product with other interest rate reduction options such as Flat 35 S, another loan product that offers reduced interest rates for those looking to purchase ZEH and seismic resistance compliant properties. 

For households with a young couple and two children purchasing a ZEH (Zero Energy House) or a Long-Term Excellent Housing, the interest rate is reduced 1.0% for the first five years. 

From the 6th to the 10th year, the interest rate is adjusted up to a 0.25% rate reduction.

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