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Conrad Hotel and La Tour Residences announce inaugural Yokohama entry

On April 10th, Sumitomo Realty & Development and Daiwa House Industry announced the overview of the hotel and residential complex within the Nakamichi North District A1 & 2 Project (tentative name) underway in Yokohama's Naka Ward. 


Conrad Yokoyama and La Tour Yokohama Finished Exterior CG Image

Finished exterior CG courtesy of Sumitomo Realty & Development 


The hotel, spanning floors 1 to 16, marks the Yokohama debut of Hilton's luxury brand, Conrad Hotels & Resorts, with the opening of Conrad Yokohama.  


The hotel will boast 272 keys, primarily standard rooms of approximately 48 square meters, along with dining facilities, an indoor pool, a wedding chapel, and a ballroom. 


Conrad Yokohama and La Tour Yokohama building separation image

Courtesy of Sumitomo Realty & Develpoment, translated by Patience Realty 


Residential leasing units on floors 18 to 40 will be branded as La Tour Yokohama, part of Sumitomo Realty's rental residences. This also marks La Tour's first venture into Yokohama.  


With 224 units, the average floor area exceeds 100 square meters, with units up to 280 square meters available. All units will feature balcony-less designs, offering direct sky views from near the ceiling to floor level.  


Also, a sky lobby with a double-height atrium will be on the 18th floor. Common facilities such as a party room and fitness center will be provided, along with 24-hour bilingual concierge and valet services. 


Nakamichi North District Project 


The urban redevelopment area denoted by moniker A1 & 2 are sections of a larger, overall redevelopment of the area. 


Nakamichi North District Project overall map view

A1 & 2 denoted in red outline courtesy of Sumitomo Realty & Development. Bashamichi station at the bottom of photo with diagonal orientation. 


Located within the Yokohama urban center and coastal area designated as urban regeneration emergency development areas and specific urban regeneration emergency development areas under the Urban Regeneration Special Measures Act. It serves as a hub between Minato Mirai and Kannai and is positioned as a multifunctional international exchange hub. 


Nakamichi North District Project A1 & 2 construction site as of January 7th, 2024

Photo of the A1 & 2 construction site taken on January 7th, 2024 courtesy of Nihon no Chokosobiru 


The A1 & 2 project sections cover an area of 12,721 square meters.  

Nakamichi North District Project A1 & 2 section as seen from atop Landmark Tower

A1 & 2 project site from atop Landmark tower courtesy of Nihon no Chokosobiru 


 The new hotel and residence building will have a site area of approximately 9,302 square meters and a total floor area of approximately 97,081 square meters, consisting of a steel-reinforced concrete structure with 40 above-ground floors and 2 basement floors. 


Construction began on April 30, 2023, with completion expected on November 30, 2026. 


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