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Cheapest train station areas to buy condos in Tokyo’s 23 wards

On March 5th, SUUMO, a dominant Japan based property portal, released their findings on the train stations with the cheapest average second hand condo prices in Tokyo’s 23 wards.

The properties were based on SUUMO listings posted between July and December of 2023.

The study was split into two condo categories; studio condos for singles and larger condos for couples and families. 

Cheapest stations for Tokyo studio condos

For singles looking to find their own space in Tokyo without breaking the bank, the study highlighted two stations in particular: Chidori-cho on the Tokyu Ikegami Line and Honancho Station on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line. 

Both locations had properties averaging around 29.8 million yen.

Not far behind in third place was Musashi-Nitta Station on the Tokyu Tamagawa Line, with properties averaging at 29.895 million yen. 

Cheapest stations for Tokyo couples and family condos

The top spot for affordability went to Yazaike Station on the Nippori-Toneri Liner in Adachi Ward, where property prices averaged 30.245 million yen. 

Close behind were Keisei-Takasago Station in Katsushika Ward and Takenotsuka Station in Adachi Ward, with properties priced at 31.8 million yen and 32.2 million yen, on average respectively. 

SUUMO study methodology

According to SUUMO, the properties needed to be within a 15-minute walk from a station, priced at less than 300 million yen, less than 40 years old, and come with freehold land ownership. 

The data extraction, conducted from July to December 2023, considered listings on SUUMO, one of Tokyo's leading real estate listing sites. 

All stations included in the study needed to have at least 20 condos for sale around the station at the time of measurement.


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