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Japan major metro family condo rents rise YoY for eight straight months

On September 25th, property portal At Home released their Rent Trends in Major Cities Nationwide for August, 2023.

AtHome is a domestic, Japanese language only property portal, often spoken of in the same breath as Suumo or Lifull Homes.

Comparable property portals are Zillow in the US or RightMove in the UK.

The AtHome report covered the following ten metro areas:

  • Greater Tokyo Area including…

    • Tokyo Prefecture

    • Saitama Prefecture

    • Chiba Prefecture

    • Kanagawa Prefecture

  • Sapporo City

  • Sendai City

  • Nagoya City

  • Osaka City

  • Fukuoka City

For rental condominiums, the units were categorised into the following size ranges and demographic targeted:

  • 30 square metres and less - Singles

  • 30 to 50 square metres - Couples

  • 50 to 70 square metres - Families

  • 70 square metres and above - Larger Families

For August 2023 year-on-year (YoY) movements, the top three results in each category were reported as follows:

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Source: AtHome

Family rental condos have consistently outperformed YoY figures for eight consecutive months across all ten geographies measured.

Notably, Tokyo 23 wards, Saitama Prefecture, Nagoya City, Osaka City, and Fukuoka City have reached their highest rents since January of 2015, when AtHome began releasing monthly rent reports.

Further Reading:

Download the full AtHome Rent Trends in Major Cities Nationwide August 2023 report which provides more granular data for each locale plus more data on wood-frame apartment rentals. (Japanese only)

Download PDF • 2.74MB



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